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A Platform To Become One Of The Biggest Online

TFS Retail's unique proposal helps transition vendors to first-party online sellers resulting in ever-increasing online traffic and online footfalls. We partner with the best companies to exponentially scale digital brands using our

e-commerce expertise.


Become a Better Team, Together

We are an online retailer which sell variety of goods to customers in India. We offer products across multiple categories like Apparels, Appliances, Baby-Products, Beauty Care, Electronics and Accessories.


If you are a brand/seller that wants to start or scale up your online operations, we propose you come on board with us as a brand partner, our association can provide you extra brand value and new customers.

Given our synergy, we will create an engaging platform for the brand and provide multiple touchpoints in order to provide maximum traction to you.


Why work with us

Easy Integrations

1. Listing

 TFS Retail will list the Products on e-commerce portals on Behalf of brand partners

2. Send Inventory 

Brand Partners will send their inventory to TFS warehouse

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Why us

Simple Workflow

3. Pick, Pack, Ship

 Upon receiving online orders we will pick, pack and ship all orders on behalf of our brand partners directly to customers

4. Refill Inventory

Brand partners will refill all sold inventory upon receiving PO from TFS Retail

Fast Payouts


We process the payments in 21 days to our brand partner

6.Customer Service

We will respond to all customer queries, requests on behalf of our brand partners

With the rapid growth of e-commerce industry it has become imparative for you to have forward looking vision



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

How Do We Add Value? 

Sales Volume


Through our special alliances, our brand partner gets mammoth customer orders

Early Payment


A unique 7 day payment schedule processed from the day of sale

No Inventory



We seamlessly sync all inventory on behalf of our brand partners

No Advertisement & Storage Costs


Promotional & Advertisement and storage costs will be incurred by us

No Unsold Inventory


TFS Retail will purchase all the unsold inventory on request of our brand partners




With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

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